Days of the Russian Cinema

I’ll Be Around

Russia, Ukraine, 2012, 93 min

Inna is a successful young woman with an excellent sense of humour. She is a restaurant manager, who has earned the respect and love of colleagues and bosses alike. She also has a most important person in her life: her six-year son Mitya, whom Inna raises alone. Mother and child entertain a touching, kind, caring relationship; they are not just best friends, but allies who support each other. Unexpectedly Inna is caught up by a terrible predicament: she is diagnosed with an incurable illness. Now the main thing is to find new parents for little Mitya, otherwise the child will become a lonely orphan.


Russia, 2013, 117 min.

Pepel (Ashes) runs… from his friends and colleagues, now former friends and colleagues. In their team is a “rat”, passing on information from the FSB. The suspicion falls on Pepel. His friends become the most malicious enemies. They poison him like a wild animal… Among them is also a man who owes his life to Pepel. How will he behave? And how long will this flight last?

He is a skilled and trained fighter. He runs a lot, getting out of impossible circumstances in the last moment, reborn each time from the “ashes”. He runs, and this is his expiation. Once he asked heavens to be saved, and his wish was granted. But through weakness or thoughtlessness he neglected this gift… And now his blood remains on the rough surface of the large city, leaving a trace of his sliding to his persecutors. He cannot run away: on his shoulders lies the responsibility for close people


Russia, 2013, 97 min

The popular Russian actress Anna Riabinina has been advancing her career for over ten years and lives in America. Suddenly she decides to return. Anna will reflect on the reasons and consequences of this decision only once she is in Moscow. At home she spends just a few days, which are the craziest and most important in her life.

The Major

Russia, 2013, 99 min.

On the long-awaited day when his wife is due to give birth, the police major Sergei Sobolev races to the maternity clinic, beside himself with joy. On the slippery winter road he runs over and kills a six-year-old boy before the eyes of his unfortunate mother. Speeding, imprudence and a pedestrian crossing: the evidence is all too obvious, as well as the unwillingness of the young father to go behind bars. The major uses his service position to justify himself… and without wishing so, he sets into motion a whole series of deaths, which he ends only when it is too late.

Ivan, Son Of Amir

Russia, 2013, 116 min.

The film is about a forming relationship between two quite different families: a Russian and an Uzbek family. It is a story of love and truthfulness, about jealousy and misunderstandings. She is from Sevastopol. He is from an Uzbek kishlak and has two wives. She runs with her children from the war and finds refuge in his house. She becomes his third wife and gives birth to his son. She does not know that her husband, a lieutenant of the Black Sea Fleet, is alive and will soon find her.